Writ Of Execution Based On Compromise Agreement

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The Tribunal`s “simple knowledge and consent” to the transaction contract “is not sufficient” to make terms of the termination decision for the implementation of the jurisdiction.31 A dismissal decision that simply states that it is based “on” or “in accordance” with a transaction does not represent the agreement and there is no ancillary jurisdiction to enforce the agreement.30 [10] In Eke vs. Parsons[9] the fact that a transaction contract , once he has made a court order, must be interpreted as another decision and must be interpreted as such. As far as enforcement is concerned, this can be done through enforcement, contempt or some other way that the decision has allowed. A transaction decision resulted in a final decision; led to a judged force of things; was applicable like any other provision; and that the nature of their execution depends on the very nature of the order. At point 57 of the shutdown, the court stated: in this case for certiorari and prohibition with injunction, it appears from the records that the appeal judge of the Agusan Trial Court ruled (Annex “A”) in a court opened on 28 January 1959, on the basis of that judgment, on a compromise agreement between the parties.chanroblesvirualawrarychanrobles to assess the disputed disputed issues. , for example. B if there has been a meeting of minds, if the agreement has been approved, or if there is reason to resign.61 [13] In light of the above, there is no justification for the Tribunal to adhere to the applicant`s prayer letter set out in the invitation. I agree with what he said about Bucthard vs. Buctchard, because there is no reason why a judgment on the payment of a cost category, which can be quantified without difficulty, should not be able to maintain a brief if the imputation and the amount of the fees, on the basis of which liability is established in a judgment.

, for example, is proven by a sworn statement by the judge. The applicants` responsibility for the payment of higher education or school fees is clearly established in point 2.3 of the billing file.